It’s with a sad heart that I’m making the following announcement:

The Force Collectibles will stop trading as of 1st February 2014.

As from 1st February 2014, new orders will no longer be accepted through the system. All existing orders and pre-orders will still be fulfilled so please do not panic about those!

Why this decision?
Well, this has never been a source of income for me and I have always done this as a hobby as I’m passionate about Star Wars and I always endeavoured to give a customer service that was better than at other, bigger, stores and aimed to give a personal service. In most cases I was able to meet my own standards and have met some really nice people over the short period that The Force Collectibles was in business. Some of you I would even consider friends at this stage. To all of you; THANKS A MILLION for your custom! It was never taken for granted and I always appreciated it!
Not in all cases I was able to meet my own standards though and in some cases (luckily very, very few) I did deliver a disappointing service and I do apologise for that.
Lately there have been quite a number of changes in my personal life and the time that I have available these days do not allow me any longer to run the shop in a way that I can guarantee a “best in class” service to my customers and I have thus (after long deliberation) decided to end it here.
My day job, the one that actually “does” pay the bills , pretty much demands my attention 24/7 as does my young family and my priority will always be with me family. The charity work I try to commit the rest of time to with my local 501st leaves me with too little time to keep this hobby going in the correct way.
It surely has been great fun! All the best to you all and for the people that were regular customers, keep in touch guys!

May the force be with you all…. Always!